Day One Adds IFTTT Channel

I have been using Day One for awhile and today it has added an IFTTT channel! I like to pull in some of the social media aspects into Day One without duplicating posts or thoughts. I was previously using Slogger but after awhile, it was kind of a pain to maintain it. Having an IFTTT channel makes it so much easier. I can pull in my tweets, posts to Instagram, posts from Facebook, videos I have liked in YouTube all into my journal.

If you’re a Day One user, your journaling life just got better.

Star Wars Radio Music Station On Apple Music

To get you in the mood for the new Star Wars movie this week, Apple has created a Star Wars music radio station on Apple Music.

Just look for the radio station in Apple Music under Featured Station. It’s available on your Mac, iOS device, and Apple TV.

Note: you don’t have to be an Apple Music subscriber to play the radio station.