The Microsoft Band

The Microsoft Band is a new fitness tracker from Microsoft and after reading some of the initial hands on articles, it seems like a better device than the upcoming Fitbit devices.

The two things that stand out for me are that it will work with iOS/Mac, Android and of course Windows plus it will work with Apple’s HealthKit and the Health app for iOS. That’s a big thing for me because Fitbit has decided not to support Healthkit which is unfortunate because I’ve been a Fitbit Flex user since it came out.

It’s something that I would consider upgrading to because it does track heart rate, sleep, steps, UV monitor, and notifications. Now that I work out regularly, the Fitbit Flex just doesn’t do it for me anymore. It really just tracks steps. I do all sorts of workouts ranging from cardio, plyo, yoga, resistance training and the Fitbit Flex can’t track a lot of those things.

There are a few things that I have noticed that may or may not bother me.

  • It looks a bit bulky. The Fitbit Flex is light and it’s not too heavy on my wrist.
  • From the Microsoft Band’s website video, a lot of the people wearing it have it upside down. One guy had it on top of the wrist.
  • The orientation of the screen is odd when worn on the wrist.

These things may not be a deal breaker for some but I think that you would have to try it on to see how it feels.

It’s a compelling device for me but I may just save the money for the Apple Watch.

Links of hands on articles on the Microsoft Band:
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