BitTorrent Sync vs. The Cloud

Brett Terpstra has been using BitTorrent Sync for his own personal cloud needs. He mentions on the BitTorrent blog how fast it was to transfer a 1.36GB MP4 video clip using BitTorrent Sync and compared the transfer time to other cloud services. The transfer time was 41 seconds. Microsoft OneDrive came in second with 7 minutes and 39 seconds. It’s pretty impressive.

I have been using BitTorrent Sync since I read Ben Brooks said goodbye to Dropbox. I have a camera backup from my iPhone to my colocated Mac mini and my Mac mini at my home. I also sync documents and my Lightroom catalog between the machines.

I, like Brett, still use Dropbox for certain iOS apps but I’ve slowly been moving away from it. I’ve already switched my 1Password data over to iCloud once I installed Yosemite on my laptop. I’m hoping that iCloud Drive will take care of other storage needs but we’ll see.