Pitfalls Of Running Your Site On Your Own Server

I unfortunately decided to update my Mac mini server in the middle of the afternoon and after the updates, my site was gone. Well, it wasn’t gone. The files were all there except for my MySQL database.

When I went to check on my site, it said, “Error establishing a database connection.”

I then upgraded to the latest MySQL but that didn’t help so I noticed that the database was gone for my site. Usernames and passwords included. I had to start from scratch. In hindsight, the MySQL database could have been moved but I did not want to spend hours researching to find it.

I had to reset the root password for MySQL and recreate the database. Luckily for me, I backup my WordPress database every night so I just imported all the tables back.

I’ll need to be better prepared the next time I update my server.

So, thank you iThemes BackupBuddy for saving my butt.