Rebuilt blog using Jekyll, Bootstrap and Github

I have finally moved away from Squarespace and setup my blog using Jekyll and Github.

Reasons why I moved away from Squarespace:
* I didn’t want to pay anymore
* I thought about moving it back to WordPress on my hosted server but I wanted something simple
* I wanted to learn to use Github

Once I got back from our family trip, I wanted to get back to my blog and set it up for ease of use. I can now do everything from the command line.

I scoured the web and used pinboard to bookmark everything that I could learn from other people.

I set up Ruby on Rails on my Mac to run a local environment so I could play with Jekyll and test out the updated site.

In terms of design, I wanted almost no design. I just wanted something really super simple. I didn’t care about adding Facebook likes or Twitter retweets or comments. I just have links to my social and photography pages.

A few things I need to work on:
* Archiving posts
* Updating layout. I am happy how it is but I always like to tweak things
* RSS feed. I need to test this to make sure it works
* Site search

I am excited to start posting more on my rebuilt blog.

A few resources that I relied on: