Amazon Offers Unlimited Cloud Storage

Apple does seriously need to up it’s game now that Amazon has announced that they are offering unlimited cloud storage.

I’m paying for the 200GB for $3.99/mo for iCloud storage  Amazon is offering unlimited photos for $11.99/yr. Amazon is also offering unlimited everything for $59.99/yr. Wow.

If my family wasn’t using iCloud family sharing  I might jump on the Amazon cloud storage. You say that I should just jump on it anyway? I would but I backup everything with Crashplan and I backup my photos from my iPhone to my NAS at home and to my colocation server.

The pricing is quite tempting though.

(via Six Colors)

Morning Routines

I love that there is a site dedicated to other people’s morning routine.

It makes me evaluate my own routine. I usually get early enough to prepare the kids breakfast and make coffee for the wife and myself. I took a few weeks off from working out and now I’m back to working out but I want to incorporate it back into my mornings. I might try for a 5AM workout. I’ll see if I can do this. It means going to bed earlier. Yikes.

(via Josh Ginter)

Sony Plans To Franchise Robotech

Sony announced that they plan to bring Robotech to the big screen.

I’m a little skeptical because it’s been so long since there has been any kind of Robotech in the media. Only people who watched it when they were kids like me but since Sony is taking this on, I have some hope.

I loved Robotech when I was a kid. I didn’t realize until later that it was adapted from the Macross anime.

I’m looking forward to further news on this.

(via kotaku)