Yosemite + iOS 8.1: What Photographers Need To Know

Austin Mann has another great post on some of the features that Apple has added to help photographers (or anyone really).

Some of the nice features mentioned I really like are:

  • Slow-Mo and Quicktime
  • Record iPhone screencast with Quicktime
  • Finder image preview
  • Batch rename

I think that the iPhone screen casting will be useful when family and friends have questions on how to do things with their iOS devices.

(via Shawn Blanc)

My Favorite Productivity Mac App

The Sweet Setup has chosen OmniFocus 2 as their favorite GTD app suite.

I have used OmniFocus in the past and it’s a great app for Mac and iOS. I used it a lot while I was working but now that I’m more of a stay-at-home dad than freelancer, I haven’t used it.

I have been using Apple’s Reminders app which has served me well so far. It is obviously on all of Apple’s devices, syncs, and here’s the big one with me, it can share with other iCloud users.

Since having kids, my wife and I have needed to share more stuff together like grocery lists, bills, and other random things that we need to keep track of. We have a shared calendar, reminder lists of groceries and bills.

Before Yosemite and iOS 8, I had to create my own shared family calendar and reminders list. It was working out great except that on iOS 7, the Reminders app could not do custom repeat items. One of our utility bills is due every 3 months so I had to track that on my own or use OmniFocus.

Now, with Yosemite, iOS 8, and Family Sharing, Apple has remedied the little things that I couldn’t do or did already. I can create custom repeat items in Reminders, we have our own family calendar, reminders, and photo album.

OmniFocus is a great program and who knows, I might use it in the future again once I get projects again but for now, Reminders is my GTD app.

One Messaging App To Rule Them All

Snowball is an all-in-one messaging app (Android only for now) that will show messages from Facebook, Whatsapp, SMS, and others.

I had a draft to post about an all-in-one messaging app because I find it annoying that I have use Viber to chat with my cousins in the Philippines and Whatsapp to chat with my family in England, and Facebook Messenger for other people. It looks like Snowball will solve this issue and I am sure other apps will follow to provide the same thing.

They just need this for iOS.

(via MG Siegler)