Don’t Pull The trigger On Upgrading To iCloud Drive Just Yet

If you upgrade to iOS 8 tomorrow and you sync between apps on your iPhone/iPad and your Mac, you might want to hold off on upgrading to iCloud Drive. iCloud Drive only works on devices that run iOS 8 and Apple’s next desktop OS, Yosemite. Yosemite doesn’t come out until October unfortunately.

You can hold off on upgrading to iCloud Drive until your Mac apps have been updated for Yosemite.

I’m looking forward to using iCloud Drive once Yosemite finally drops. I’ve been moving away from Dropbox (using ownCloud for document syncing) and iCloud Drive will be a nice feature since I’m already in the Apple ecosystem.

(via Macworld)

Prepping for iOS 8

Gabe Weatherhead has some sound advice before upgrading your iDevice to iOS 8. I’ll probably do a fresh install when the new phone arrives.

My gameplan is usually:

  • Backup photos to Lightroom
  • Backup phone to iTunes
  • Backup phone to iCloud

Tomorrow will be busy.

iPhone 6 Plus = iPhone 5s + iPad Mini

Thomas Borowski offers his thoughts on why he decided to buy the iPhone 6 Plus (5.5″) instead of the 4.7″ iPhone 6.

I had very similar thoughts and I’m hoping that my new iPhone 6 Plus will replace my current sized phone and my iPad Mini.

Who knows if I’ll get another iPad after this. I’ll try this little experiment because I have a feeling that I’ll miss having an iPad.

Apps getting ready for iOS 8

Two apps that I use on a regular basis, Pocket and Day One, are getting ready iOS 8 (available on September 17).

Pocket is a read-it-later service that allows you to save links to well, read later. The ability to save a link from Safari is great. No more bookmarklets! This will make my workflow to save interesting articles or videos better.

Day One is a journaling app. I use it for very personal thoughts or capturing photos that I don’t usually share with the outside world. I like that I’ll be able to add a photo to Day One straight from the Photos app. The other thing that I like is the ability to use TouchID to open the app.

iOS 8 really is going to be great not only for developers but for the users.