Photos For Mac iCloud Upload Issues

After I upgraded my wife’s laptop to 10.10.3 with the new Photos app, I noticed that my internet connection got congested. This was in the evening so no one was really using it in the house.

I saw that the Photos app was uploading a large number of my wife’s photos which was expected but I didn’t expect it to choke my internet.

I saw someone on Twitter have the same issues and then I saw the post by Jason Snell. I’m hoping that Apple will have a fix or it could be that everyone is uploading all of their photos to iCloud since the Photos app was released.

I’ve had to pause the sync for a day on my wife’s laptop so it wouldn’t bog down our internet. I might have to do the sync at night when everyone and myself is asleep.

(via Six Colors)


I was watching the NCAA Men’s National Championship game and I saw a commercial for Star Wars coming out on digital! I have the Blu-ray collection so I’m not sure if I’ll buy this but knowing myself, I probably will.

I have the VHS and LaserDiscs (yes, you heard me, LaserDiscs) of the original trilogy. I am sure that this digital release will not be the original theatrical release which is disappointing to me and a lot of Star Wars fans. I might have to ask my dad to send over the LaserDiscs and LaserDiscs player so I can digitize them.

Update (4/7/2019): I read on Six Colors that 20th Century Fox still owns the distribution rights to the original trilogy until 2020. Seriously? Can’t Disney and Fox make it work to distribute the original trilogy? They would make more money than they would selling this collection.