Macminicolo Turns Ten

Macminicolo turns ten today. I have been using them for a year now and their service has been great. I sent them my own Mac mini and it serves a multitude of services for me. On it, I host this site, sync files using Owncloud and Bittorrent Sync, and use it as an email server. I would like to get VPN set up but I’ll need some time to get that going.

Anyway, I can’t recommend them enough and they are always gracious enough to answer my dumb questions.

If you sign up, mention my name.

Welcome Back To Michigan, Jim Harbaugh

It was a great day in Michigan football as Jim Harbaugh was hired as the new head coach last month (I wanted to post this when he was formally introduced but the holidays kept me away from blogging).

I think that some people were surprised that he was coming to UofM because of the allure of the other NFL head coaching job openings.

It will probably be a few years until we’re back in the mix of the upper echelon of top football programs but I have complete trust in Jim Harbaugh.

After watching OSU beat down on Oregon last night at the National Championship game, Harbaugh has a tough road ahead of him to compete not only when they play but recruiting. Michigan State is also no joke as a football program. Now with Harbaugh coaching, it raises the level of the Big Ten and hopefully the Michigan/Ohio State rivalry will become more relevant as the game to watch at the end of the Big Ten season.

* Harbaugh Introductory Press Conference
* Harbaugh at basketball halftime

Smartwatch Etiquette

Stephen Hackett mentioned the social aspects of wearing a smartwatch that delivers notifications from your phone.

I also wear the Pebble smartwatch because I don’t always have my iPhone on me especially when I’m playing with the kids. I do like being able to get notifications but mostly if it’s from my wife or something else that might need my immediate attention.

There is a certain etiquette I feel when it comes to wearing (smart)watches and smartphones. There’s an unwritten rule where if someone wears a watch and glances at it while with another person or group, it’s considered rude because it intimates that you are bored, not interested in where you are, or you just need to be somewhere else. The same goes with a smartwatch that delivers notifications because it might seem like you’re checking the time and/or whatever is showing on your watch is more important than your conversation or meeting.

I remember when smartphones became more common and in meetings I would see people glancing at their smartphones either checking the time (because some people do that) or checking their smartphone for email, text, or whatever it was that demanded your attention away from the conversation or meeting.

I am not sure how the social aspects will change once smartwatches become commonplace. I have a feeling that it might not be as rude to check on your watch or phone in the near future. As someone who is in their late 30’s, I’ll still think of it as rude but perhaps the younger generation and my kids may not think so.